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The Photographer’s Planner

Interactive PDF journal with clickable links and tabs designed for use with GoodNotes app on Apple devices, and on Xodo, Noteshelf and other note-taking apps on android, google or windows devices.

Clients & sessions

Workflows, checklists, client entries, packing lists and more. Have all the important details at reach at all times.


Income & expenditure, financial goals, tax preparations, journey and receipt record templates & more….


Multiple template options to suit every user. Day to view, day to page, week to view and more. Keep track of your working week.

Designed for photographer by Photographer

About The Planner

Hi I’m Katie the creator! I’m a stationery nut but also a techy. Carrying a journal is not always practical but my phone rarely leaves my side.

I’ve always struggled to find a business planner that worked for me. I wanted all my information in one place but with photography having niche aspects I just couldn’t find anything suitable. So I spent time speaking with friends and researching what fellow photographers would also want in a journal and then created one.

I have had input from wedding, portrait, equine, event and commercial photographers so I’ve hopefully covered almost every base. The planner comes with over 100 templates to cover every aspect of your photographic business life.

Everything is shareable

Do you want to collaborate with your business partner? Send event details to an assistant?

Share the whole document so multiple people can edit, or export the whole journal or single pages. Be in control of what information you share.

Exported PDF files can be viewed by any smart mobile device or computer.

Everything is searchable

GoodNotes offers amazing functionality, and many of the Android, Google and Windows compatible apps offer equally good if not better editing and search functions.

Type, draw, write, highlight, import photos and more. All content is also searchable including handwriting if sufficiently legible (Goodnotes)!

Everything in one place anywhere

No longer will you have to search far and wide, keep all the information about you and your business in one document.

With GoodNotes it automatically syncs between your Apple devices so accessible on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Wherever you are if you have your phone you have access.



Not Just For Goodnotes

The planner has been designed to primarily work with GoodNotes which is available through the Apple App store but is also compatible with many other apps and programs on different operating systems including Xodo, NoteShelf, Evernote and more. Note some functionality (i.e. interactive links) may be lost with other programs.

It’s not just note keeping apps that can be used to utilise the Photographer’s planner, you can also use tools such as Power Point or Keynote.

Start Now

Visit my shop to purchase and purchase your planner to be emailed as soon as we can.

Alternatively if you can’t wait and would like an instant download of the Digital planner to start planning out your business life within minutes* then head over to our Etsy shop (note VAT applies to instant downloads)

(*suitable app required on device for the digital planner to be editable. We recommend GoodNotes for Apple devices or XODO/NoteShelf for Android/Google)

Every Aspect covered

The complete planner for professional photographers

The Photographer’s planner is designed to cover almost every aspect of business life for a photographer. Whether you own one horse or 10 you can customise the planner to suit your equine life. Currently the full planner is set up to suit a 2 horse owner but it can be adapted to any number by duplicating pages (do not delete original linked to pages to avoid deactivating the interactive linked tabs).


Financal Planning

Keep track of bills, expenses, income and more. Mileage, receipts and planning. Keep on top of your finances to help keep your business profitable.

Goals & Planning

Set your business goals, with help of our planning section. Set linked short, medium and long term goals to reach your ultimate business goals.

Marketing & Social Media

Plan your social media and marketing strategies out. Analyse what works and what doesn’t, whilst keeping track of your interaction statistics.

Sessions & Clients

Everything you need to prepare for your sessions. Client workflows, planning forms, questionnaires and more.

Locations & Contacts

Keep track of your favourite locations, contacts and suppliers. All the important information at your fingertips.


No matter if you’re taking part in training sessions or running them this section should be beneficial for you with a selection of templates.

And more!

BuilD your own planner

Exactly What You Want

The bits you want without the bits you don’t!

The Complete Planner

No having to buy separate packs, you buy the planner and you get everything for that edition. 100+ templates to personalise your planner.


Currently available in teal. But custom brand or favourite colours can be ordered. Just contact me.

Adaptable Design

Duplicate templates within the planner to give you more of what works for you.

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